Cupressus sempervirens, 'Swanes Golden' Pencil Pine
Cupressus sempervirens
'Swanes Golden' Pencil Pine

Swane's Garden Care and Landscapes

Hedge and Screen Plants

Swane's Garden Care and Landscapes

Hedging Plants

Pittosporum, Xylosma, Photinia, Murraya, Lilly Pillys, Camellias, Gardenia, Podacarpus,
Calliandra "Powder Puff", Port Wine Magnolia, Metrosiderous...

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Lillipilli Hedge.
Lilly Pilly Hedge
[Family Myrtaceae]

Acmena smithi, lillipilli, grows to 6m. Lillipilli is a bushy shrub with dark green shiny leaves, which are bronze-tipped when young.
Its attractive white flowers are followed by shiny, round pinkish- purple edible fruits. It withstands pruning, and makes an excellent hedge plant, but is slightly frost tender.

Syzygium Hedge.
Syzygium Hedge
[Family Myrtaceae]

Syzygium paniculatum, Australian rose, or brush Cherry,
is a native tree which grows to 10m, or even to 15m.
S. paniculatum has glossy green leaves, red-tinged when young, and creamy- white flowers in panicles, followed by fragrant 2cm rose-purple berries. S. paniculatum withstands clipping, and is now often cultivated as a hedge.

Pittosporum Hedge.
Pittosporum Hedge
[Family Pittosporaceae]

Pittosporum eugenoides (tarata, from New Zealand, grows quickly to 12m, with wavy-edged light lemon-green leaves, a greyish-white trunk, and and small yellow flowers in clusters). The cultivar, P. eugenoides 'Variegatum' grows to 4.5m, with white variegated folliage. It is very popular in Australian gardens.

Xylosma Hedge.
Xylosma Hedge
[Family Flacourtiaceae]

Xylosma senticosum is what we believe to be the Rolls Royce of a Hedging and Privacy plant, particularly for larger properties and gardens. This shiny shrub thrives on trimming. It has orange and bronze tipped foliage and inconspicuous, fragrant yellow flowers. It can be trimmed into a small evergreen tree or left to grow as a shrub or trimmed into a hedge. Xylosma will tolerate sun or shade. It is an exceptionally hardy plant, adapting to most soil conditions. Height: 4m

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